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we wrote about the activation of the Five Energetic Springs of Ischia, each one characterized by the emission of a particular Ray associated to each one of the Five Elements. Today we are going to talk about the Ray of the Water Element, belonging to the Nitrodi spring. The dialogue might sound difficult but we will come back to this subject in the near future with more information What really does count ,along with the noble work that the Rays do on us , is the Nitrodi Spring Elemental spirit’s strong desire for the pools to be re built, in order immerse one’s whole body and get all the benefits of the waters.(…)we wrote about the activation of the Five Energetic Springs of Ischia, each one characterized by the emission of a particular Ray associated to each one of the Five Elements. Today we are going to talk about the Ray of the Water Element, belonging to the Nitrodi spring. The dialogue might sound difficult but we will come back to this subject in the near future with more information What really does count ,along with the noble work that the Rays do on us , is the Nitrodi Spring Elemental spirit’s strong desire for the pools to be re built, in order immerse one’s whole body and get all the benefits of the waters.(…)

Epomeaoagarthi.it want say many thanks to Katia Fiorentino for the appreciated work made above!




What lies in the grounds of the island? Where there are the flashes that streak the sky? Why elders advise to avoid the woods and slopes of Mount Epomeo?

A passionate witness, full of episodes, many of whom lived in the first person by ‘author himself, in’ tireless search for the presence of aliens on ‘island. The paper is supported by a meticulous analysis of the sources and testimonies, as well as numerous references to mythological tales and folk legends about the “presence” that animate the woods and hills of Ischia.

di Salvatore Marino Iacono – 
The Earth is hollow! This is the incredible claim that you can read in a letter dated April 20 1947 signed by a certain Karl Unger then aboard ‘209 Nazi U-boat commanded by Heinrich Brodda. The letter in question is in possession of Rodney Cluff often appeared in documentaries such as the ones recently released by UFO Tv The letter is followed by a detailed documentation of the interior of our planet, cable, of course, with photos and maps that would give the certainty that the Nazis were able not only to penetrate all ‘inside of our planet but also cartografarlo! The gateway? Obvious! The south pole of the ‘other mapped ice-free according to this documentation.

Here we are, therefore, before the mysterious legend of the Hollow Earth, as old as the ‘man and ever more present today. It is not my intention to speak for the umpteenth time of seismic waves and their anomalies, Admiral Byrd and his (or her) trips all ‘inside of our planet, the controversial satellite images familiar to anyone (IT set-7 and later) or the story of the writer Emerson. Let’s leave out the countless stories related to the thousands of kilometers of tunnels that furrow our planet. What I wish to discuss is an Italian story, which has not been given a final, but suggests that everything is written as much should be investigated. A story on the basis of which there are two very special episodes: the discovery of the famous map on the hollow earth designed by artist ‘Max Fyfield in a book for me (totally ignorant on the subject to’ the material time) and ‘sighting of a UFO in the 1990 away leaving the roads of the island in Ischia. Cos’avrebbero in common between these two? All ‘appearance aniente except that …… But first things first. Since the time of colonization greek-roman Ischia was considered one of the places where Zeus recluse Typhoeus (or Typhon), in our case below Mount Epomeo. In 1588 the physician Giulio Jasolino in his “Dè natural remedies that are in the ‘island of Ischia Pithecusa hoggi called” remembered that (according to some in Cilicia and in Ischia according to others):

“Be a deep cavern in the mountain shady for the space of two miles, five hundred miles dè woods, and very entertaining for the murmur of streams. Indi after so long descent we discover an ‘other cave, in which’ meeting already dark, he a temple dedicated to Jupiter, then in ‘last of the’ corridor dwellers say be the bed of Typhon. ”

Well on the map of Fyfield a particular caught my attention: depicting the roads of the island due to the fact that it would be nothing less than a main entrance to the inner lands. It would start a gallery that would lead to ‘internal world characterized by’ having a huge cave about half way. Well I started to investigate everything, trying to figure out if the description given by Jasolino could be in reality this gallery whose memory is lost in the mists of time. Since then, I witnessed dozens of UFO sightings and USE in the land of Ischia most of which outgoing or incoming from ‘Epomeo. Weird thing was the fact that almost all the UFOs were characterized by ‘have a ruby ​​red color whose sightings took place mostly at night. In the years that followed that 1990 I witnessed also a close encounter of the third kind on the slopes of Mount Epomeo place between the ‘other well-known to the islanders because of mysterious phenomena occurring there.

How could they be connected all these experiences with Typhon and the mysterious map of Fyfield? The answer took shape when, in 2004, in a totally fortuitous learned from an even more mysterious individual who ‘s Epomeo conceal for over 700 meters deep inside a huge base developed on multiple levels whose antennas coverage Born visible in all would be the ending. Labored a little to accept such a reality, but I was told that UFOs sighted often acted as their means of transport for those coming or leaving the base! Com ‘was possible that there could be such a thing? I had to convince myself first and to this end I read several times the research of Richard Sauder. Not only this was more than possible but I realized that the more detailed answers, although from fields all ‘other than belonging to the orthodox science were available to everyone, even if most amazing facts examined. I did so knowledge of the known texts of Agarthi signed by Ossendowski, Paglialunga, Guenon, Blawatsky, Roerich, Saint-Yves d ‘Alveydre and Meurois-Givaudan who accosted the ducts Lemurian and the testimony of Billie Faye Woodward, studies Sitchin and experiences of Maurizio Cavallo. Managed to put together different pieces creandomi a pretty clear picture of the situation but my brain rationalist needed much more substantial evidence and began to have them in their ‘moment when I had my first experience of astral travel although by then I had no more way to go. This convinced me that science, at least the official one, is light years away from certain phenomena. Subsequently, if the ‘existence of the base in’ Epomeo should be real, I decided to adapt to ‘the island’ thought experiment that the writer T. Goodman told in his book “Land Base”. Was thus able to establish contact with extraterrestrial entities albeit short-lived.

It was in 2004. In the following years I started to carry out further research on ‘whole picture, focusing especially on a small part of the’ immense bibliorgafia island for clues related to the legend of the Hollow Earth. To my joy sprang up texts as “the island Ischia forgotten” Kupfer Koberwitz or “The stone singer” of Bergsoe where you can make the acquaintance of the mysterious cave Mavone or read of strange characters including the mysterious rabdomande who claimed in the nineteenth century, did not want to go for any reason or for any figure in the world off the beach Citara because of the ‘existence of a mysterious underwater city ….. It’ probably just a coincidence that the area has been the focus of numerous sightings USE? Probably not. The sightings continued incessant. Here we come to 2008. Enta in a psychic scene of international renown. For unknown reasons he came to Ischia just to get in touch with those who inhabit the ‘internal’ Epomeo. We went to its slopes, a few trusted friends and after a few minutes of silence the contact came. We learned that from the mountain simply start underground tunnels cut by flying objects, then the warning ….. want to be left in peace. Since then the situation has “normalized.” UFO sightings continue along the western side of the ‘island which seems to have been moved to the’ entrance to the mysterious base. In 2010 the turning point. A distinguished gentleman came forward telling how he was picked up by a huge flying saucer at the foot of Mount Epomeo and transported in the ‘interior of the planet. Beings like us, arranged in harmonious city under a bright sky. Was left with a promise.

It would have been taken if they had requested in order to dwell among Them. That same year, an episode prompted me to write the book in print. It was in 2010 in July. From the rock wall placed just on the western side of the ‘island a flotilla of objects red ruby ​​takes flight after going on the roof of my house, towards Vesuvius. I counted 9 but the amazing thing was that UFOs were flying below the clouds … and that night it rained, they could be Chinese lanterns. The digital camera did not want to be working, the ‘bitterness was so great but I knew that at that time the same flotilla was filmed first in Naples and then to Licola. For me there is no doubt, the same flotilla flew Naples repeatedly for almost two years! The Neapolitans had to know and what pushed me to the publication. L ‘alarmism only create panic and terror, soprtattutto if powered by the usual characters. I prefer to think that the “Sign of Shambhala” as reported Roerich protect Naples and its inhabitants and have projects that are still unknown to the ‘whole area. The organization of Agartha is devoted to light and this is the message that must be spread, there is nothing wrong with that. It is perhaps for this reason that the famous physicist Majorana disappeared never denied some research before arriving in Naples by the ship “The Post” thanks to the ‘help of a flying saucer due to Agarthi where all of’ now would live. The famous contactee Eugenio Siragusa made known also a geographical coordinate where according to him Majorana was removed. I drew up my coordinated differently availing of a particular reasoning.

I drew a line that connected the roads of the island to ‘Etna representing a hypothetical underground tunnel and then traced the route of “The Post”. The intersection gave me a coordinate whose primes were coincident with the numbers that Sciascia, in the biography of the famous physicist, assumed to be two numbers left intentionally by Majorana in two letters written by him for a purpose never clarified. Could there then such a gallery? Probably because the same Siragusa said to have arrived in Naples by means of an underground tunnel 4 in just minutes! The questions is where I arrive? How? But the Neapolitan area offers much more. According asserted Bishop Conrad of Querfurt chancellor of Henry VI in 1196 in a series of letters, between two mountains, he managed to break into a mysterious underground city and was forced to flee because it was protected by images made of air armed with sword and arrows ! A hologram? The Querfurt asserted that this city was located in Ischia although always in Ischia, placed the famous penitent souls legend this traditionally associated with the Phlegraean Fields. Possible that there was a mistake? If so, then the mountain in question would be the already famous Monte Barbaro (Mons Barbarus) in Pozzuoli already Vigil Mage went in the company of his disciples Philomeno. All ‘inside of this city, under the head of the centaur Chironte,

Virgil found a mysterious book that made him wise in all things and through whom he worked the many miracles that the Neapolitan legends handed down to us. Then the mysterious book Gervase of Tilbury wrote in his “Otia Imperialia” Book III, 112 – The bones of Joseph and the sheep, and John of Salisbury in his “Polycraticu.” Either you read how the book was searched and found with the bones of Virgil. We are in the thirteenth century. After a series of events it seems that the book if it sank into oblivion in ecclesiastical environment. If all this were true, then Virgil made use of trusted disciples to be buried, according to legend, all ‘inside of a mountain, and this seems to suggest the existence of some secret society to which he himself belonged. This would also explain why strange people knew of the existence of sepolco and consequently the ‘existence of the mysterious book in the’ other buried with Virgil. Possible that Virgil himself already knew the ‘existence of an underground city in the Neapolitan territory? If so, absurd for absurdity, it is logical to assume that these ancient skills have been passed down to the present day. Some speculate by Prince Raimondo di Sangro and his Order of Osiris Egyptian, coming to identify the mysterious “Arcadia” with its mysterious town of Virgil. Do not forget that the same Eugenio Siragusa called Virgil a “mutant” with very specific tasks, one of which is to acompagnare Dante on his journey whose account, in allegorical manner, is well known as the Divine Comedy. If to this we add the fact that the Prince Raimondo di Sangro according to tradition was one of the few who was given the privilege of being able to access the “Books cursed” Vatican behold, the picture becomes even more mysterious …… . It ‘my opinion below of’ entire Neapolitan area are located more centers connected via underground tunnels, which in turn would connect everything to the underground network of Agartha.

But how is this possible? This question can be answered almost certainly a gentleman named Douglas Dietrich. It ‘a character in the eyes of’ public opinion does not remember anything. But Dietrich is one of those people who knows a lot about many things …. The son of a military decoration of the U.S. Navy, he worked for ten years as a librarian for the Department of Defense military at the Presidio military base in San Francisco where he also task of destroying sensitive documents such as top-secret documents of a historical nature. But had the smarts to take notes in a notebook of what they destroyed. For more information refer the reader to your website.

Of the many information released by Douglas certainly a result of the ‘interview with the German magazine Nexus in’ April of this year ‘s leave us breathless. On the one hand there would be all sorts of information about the true evolution of the Second World War and by ‘we would be talking more of a reality that very few have heard of the’ Unterland. Even in this case, I refer the interested reader to the site of Dietrich or Nexus to the number in question. Look back with the information I read from the second part of ‘interview (the’ interview consists of three parts, of which only the first two were given to the press). The first thing that Douglas would point out is that it was only the German forces in the field to surrender to the Allies this thing that happened without consulting the government, which was simply allowed to leave. Following this, the Nazi government reasserted itself in many places, mainly in Argentina and Antarctica and subsequently in ‘Unterland. However, according to secret documents seen by Douglas, one of the members of the Nazi government in exile Hitler himself was present as well as Goebbels and Bormann. If this were true (and it would seem) there was a real staging able to take his eyes of ‘public opinion since the death of Hitler in the bunker in Berlin. People enough to know that he had died and that’s what happened!

The Nazi government in exile was recognized as the Reich thousands of years and considered as a third force in the Cold War. According to the documents referred to above ‘day after the World War II secret bases were active in Norway, Greenland, the Canary Islands, Antarctica, South America, Argentina and especially in’ Unterland.

And it is on ‘Unterland that we will discuss in quest’ article. In 1992 a geophysicist named Alan Thompson published on “Nature” of 23 July 1992 an article entitled “Water in the upper mantle of the Earth.” The Thompson asserted that under the cloak Earth there were deposits of water as there were deposits of any mineral. These deposits would be so impressive as to make our oceans small and insignificant. The result is that there would be more water in the Earth’s mantle that in all the oceans of the Earth. As evidence that the New Scientist 2594 number of 10 March 2007 was published the news that the Americans due to seismic waves had shown the ‘existence of a whole ocean between the porous rocks in the depths of the planet, at Beijing!
The amazing thing, however, is that everything the military knew for years, and the Nazi government knew before them! The combination of these cavities eroded by ‘water down through the ages and completely dry today would form part of the territories Unterland. Do not believe that we are talking about small caves, indeed! some would be high since more than a mile and would be affected by meteorological phenomena own. As for the ‘hypothetical Hollow Earth, even the’ Unterland would of “income” as those in Tibet, Antarctica, in Switzerland or Germany. One thing is certain, it is from 1997 that there has been no news on ‘work of the Nazis in these huge cavities. Surely the U.S. government is well aware of the technological advances that came right from the Nazis ‘beginning of the war and understood at their expense when all’ day after the end of World War II, suffered thousands of casualties as well as hundreds of airplanes and ship during ‘Operation Highjump. In short died about 3500 marines on well 10000 men lined up. The intent was to counter the Nazi military forces stationed in their base in Antarctica. Even more amazing is knowing that the Americans suffered heavy losses due to these mysterious “Flugelrad” or flying units in the rotating disk. Maybe one day many aspects of World War II kept secret will be made known and studied in the classroom. For the moment, I invite you to read up on their own, perhaps taking into account the information contained in this short article and deepen elsewhere by other means. As of today no one knows what happened to them or who made the Nazis appropriated in ‘Unterland. In my humble opinion I think it died the leaders responsible for the atrocities are well known to the whole world, the survivors have undertaken most “human” because in one way or another we would have heard from them …..

Here’s how the ‘existence of a Neapolitan Unterland takes real contours. A huge underground space in which they have developed subterranean structures to which few have had access in the course of centuries. Nothing attributable to the Nazis in my opinion, partly because not all Unterland were colonized by them, many belong to the network of Agartha. If that is equal to true, then we can explain the ‘huge cave on this map of Fyfield and the description made in his De Giulio Iasolino Remedies. Of course you can take this as a structured fantasy tale …. or not, the choice is yours but before taking any decision I invite you to read what appeared on the pages of “Il Giornale” on Tuesday, July 6 2010 in which speak of a strange Italian story where the protagonist would be none other than Ettore Majorana and his mysterious machine to positrons can produce energy at no cost. Fact or fiction? I would say actually seen the countless evidence for the case. This does not mean that such a machine, which to date we are not able to build, has been studied and tested in a laboratory with some equipment referred nenache not imagine the shape and operation. Possible that our brothers of ‘inside are actually more present than ever? One thing is certain. The ‘whole story did reopen the case Majorana. As of today, January 2013, sightings continue burying Ischia is that burying Naples. And I invite you, as it was told Roerich, consider these UFOs as a tangible sign of the ‘existence of Shamballa and his Lord, O Light to us all.

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